Dowsing and Energy Clearing

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Radiesthesia, in North America is called Dowsing. The word “Radiesthesia” has been derived from two words: Latin “Radius”, which means “Ray” and Greek “Aesthesis” meaning “Sensitivity”. Hence Radiesthesia is an ability to detect and attune to certain vibrations given by the physical body or environment.

Everything is energy and energy has a vibration and its own frequency and wavelength. This frequency is measurable and detectable. When you ask a question using a pendulum an electrical impulse is sent to the brain. In response, a compatible wavelength is created, and another electrical impulse is sent back. That kind of impulse creates a micro-constriction of muscles, which push energy down along your arm and underarm to finally reach the string of your pendulum. When the pendulum is held in the proper manner, (i.e. at the proper distance called “personal wavelength”), it creates an energy which is able to move the pendulum. It is important for the person doing the dowsing to be clear and grounded to get accurate readings. We may observe two totally different movements of a pendulum a “positive” or “negative” movement which is registering the state of the energetic system and is represented by different amounts of energy.

Discovering and clearing of ‘unwanted’ energy is possible using dowsing. Some energy needs stronger ways of clearing. The Trinfinity8 has several programs that help clear and reset a person’s energy field as well as sending helping energy to a person or an area. Another tool to use is a Russian stone called Shungite because it absorbs EMF’s which are all around us and can cause harm to the body over time. Some trapped energy that is in the earth can also send harmful waves to the body. Using the science of dowsing one is able to discover where these places are and how to protect people from their harmful effects.

The properties of shungite are unique. There is nothing else in the world to which it can be prepared. Shungite has the ability to cure, purify, protect, normalize, induce recovery and promote growth in living organisms. Everything which takes a toll on us, is killed; and everything health-giving is concentrated and restored by this ‘miracle’ rock. Every scientist investigating shungite declares it to be miraculous.
Shungite contains Fullerenes. The importance of this discovery is highlighted by the fact that the three scientists who discovered Fullerenes were awarded the Nobel Prize.
The only place in the world where it is found is the Karelia region of Russia. This leads many to believe that shungite will someday cost more than gold.